Car Bumper Repair-How To Fix A Cracked Bumper Cover

2 Part Epoxy Glue is the best way to fix a cracked flexible bumper cover. or 972-420-1293.
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24 thoughts on “Car Bumper Repair-How To Fix A Cracked Bumper Cover

  1. now-a-days it’s usually base coat clear coat urathane, you can use single stage paint if you wish, but it probably won’t match color right!

  2. Ive never done that before, but I believe it would cause problems, because rubber and fiberglass really dont mix, and the type of glue im using here is designed for rubber type bumper covers…

  3. Pete, how do you feel about reinforcing over the crack with fiberglass cloth in the epoxy to make it more durable, or would this cause more problems than solving them?

  4. Just got a bumper for my busted one the newer one has cracks but now its no prob thanks for keeping it real. Off to get er done

  5. To do the body work on a bumper like this you would go back and apply the same material then sand it down and go back over it with some polyester filler such as evercoat or of the same kind..

  6. Thanks for the video Pete, very informative. When you did the body work on it to get ready to paint did you use regular bondo on the outside or something specifically for plastic? Thanks again! You are the best.

  7. Hard to find honest people these days, especially a good employee, your employer ought to be happy and proud to have you working for him.. Pete

  8. Pete I used to use this product as well and had good results as well , recently I have switched over to the to Evercoat Fiber Tech with great results as well. This product really sticks well and sand very easy ! Wish I was around your area I would definatly come help you out ! Been doing this crap for 28 years now and I as well as you refuse to cover up rust , even if instructed to by employers , fire me or let me take the time to do it right !

  9. Pete can you please inbox me the name of this product and the manufacturer so I can match it. I have a 95 mustang that needs similar repairs.

  10. Thanks for the reply Pete, I learned that tip from my High School Auto Collision teacher Mr. Craig Troup.

    Unfortunately he is no longer with us today, so cannot I ask him if he used the sem product or drywall tape. I am betting they are the same thing just sold for different uses, in different markets…

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